Why Is Creatine Powder a Supplement You Cannot Pass On?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 28 February 2017 

Creatine powder is a popular choice amongst bodybuilders and endurance athletes. However, if you are not familiar with creatine powder and its benefits, you may be missing out on this amazing supplement. To help beginners get familiar with creatine powder, we have created an overview of the main benefits of this supplement, so let us take a closer look at creatine powder and what it could do for you.

Increasing the Intensity of Your Training

If you wish to increase the intensity of your training, but find your body struggling to do so, creatine supplements could provide a helping hand. Studies have shown that when creatine supplements are consumed, the supplement is stored in the muscles as creatine phosphate. This creatine phosphate can deliver immediate energy to the so-called type 11b muscle fibres, which prevent the athlete from experiencing problems such as premature training fatigue.

By delivering immediate energy to specific muscle fibres, creatine can strengthen the contraction of the muscle fibres as well. Consequently, athletes can do a few extra repetitions or sprint just a little faster. Supplementing with creatine also enables athletes to store more energy in the muscles, giving them more power and energy later.

To understand how creatine supplies energy to the muscle cells, we need to look at the relationship between creatine phosphate and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). When the muscle cells require energy, ATP will release one of its phosphate groups. By breaking the connection, energy is released in the respective muscle cell. Of course, once the phosphate group is disconnected from ATP, the compound becomes ADP (adenosine diphosphate).

If the body wants more energy during training, it will need new phosphate groups to create ATP again, and then release the phosphate group again to gain energy. Fortunately, creatine phosphate can give its phosphate group to ADP to create ATP; this is the way creatine phosphate directly contributes to the body’s energy supply.

Reduced Recovery Times

The use of creatine supplements has been linked to reduced recovery times as well. During a study in 2004, researchers monitored the link between supplementing with creatine and a reduction in cell damage. As you may know already, the more cell damage you experience after training, the more side-effects you will experience; for example, muscle soreness.

During the study, researchers closely monitored markers that indicated cell damage in their test subjects. Some of the test subjects received a supplement containing creatine, and their results were eventually compared to a control group.

At the end of the study, researchers found that test subjects using a creatine supplement showed a significant lower level of cell damage and inflammation following rigorous training. Therefore, researchers concluded that the use of a creatine supplement could help reduce the recovery time of athletes by minimising muscle cell damage.

Better Anaerobic Capacity

There have been some studies into the effects of creatine on the anaerobic capacity of endurance athletes. During an extensive study executed by Ziegenfuss, supplementation with creatine showed improved muscle volume in endurance athletes, but also showed improvement in their ability to sprint.

To test their theory, researchers divided ten male and female athletes into two groups. As most studies go, the first group was given a placebo, while the second group received a supplement with creatine. During the study, each group was evaluated on their sprint performance and their muscle volume. Then, the groups were compared to each other to determine the effect of the creatine supplement on the anaerobic capacity of the athletes.

The result of the study indicated that test subjects using creatine supplements experienced an increase in body mass, more specifically 0.9 kilograms. Test subjects also showed a 6.6% increase in thigh volume and increased sprint performance. Therefore, the study clearly proved that the anaerobic capacity of athletes using creatine has drastically improved.

More Muscle Volume

Using creatine can also enhance the muscle volume of an athlete, so bodybuilders can benefit from creatine as well as endurance athletes. When creatine enters the muscles, it absorbs water, which in turn makes the muscles appear fuller and more voluminous. The presence of creatine also stimulates protein synthesis, which could be beneficial for your muscle building efforts in the long run.

Many athletes report a weight increase of six pounds during the first couple of weeks of supplementing with creatine. However, athletes should know that the first two pounds gained are usually water gains, since creatine absorbs water as soon as they enter the muscle cells. Still, any following gains will be muscle mass.

Are There More Supplements I Shouldn’t Pass On?

There are many Australian online supplements in our range that could be off benefit to you, but if we must mention one of our Australian online supplements you can’t pass on either, we would certainly recommend protein powder.

Since there are many types of protein powders in our range of Australian online supplements, making your way through them all could be a lengthy process. Still, if you want a good protein powder to start with, you could always choose the most popular protein powder on the market today – whey protein.

Protein powder is still one of the most effective Australian online supplements for a variety of fitness goals; this includes but is not limited to: muscle gain, weight loss, reduced recovery time, enhanced sports performance and more. So, if you are considering adding an extra supplement from our Australian online supplements range to your regime, be sure not to pass on protein powder.

Where Can I Learn More About Specific Creatine Supplements at Nutrients Direct?

Do you need more information about any creatine supplement available at Nutrients Direct? To learn more about the supplement in question, simply click on the link in the main menu to get to the product page. There, you can read all the information you need about the supplement, which includes a full lab report and the nutritional info.

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