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  • Often combined with Carnitine for maximum efficacy

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Want to Lose Some Weight? Discover the Best Weight Loss Supplements at Nutrients Direct!

Whether you are a looking to drop a few kilo’s or want to tone your body a little more, a supplement from Nutrients Direct can certainly help you to get on the right track. If your weight loss has slowed down considerably, and you need a little boost, be sure to take advantage of one of our best weight loss supplements below!


Inulin is an ingredient that is obtained from the chicory root, an herbaceous plant of the dandelion family. Inulin is a soluble dietary fibre as well; this means that the supplement is easier to digest than most supplements on the market today. 

Most athletes use inulin to improve their satiety after a meal. If you are prone to eating too much at one time, this supplement could be available addition to your weight loss journey.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Protein can be good for weight loss, considering protein is responsible for regulating weight-related hormones. Using a Whey Protein Isolate supplement can also help you to gain muscle and improve your performance during training. These two benefits could certainly benefit you when you want to lose a little weight.

In order to make Whey Protein Isolate a pleasant experience for athletes using it, Nutrients Direct created a number of flavours for the supplement. Whey Protein Isolate can therefore be obtained in the following flavours: banana, chocolate-honeycomb, chocolate, natural, strawberry and vanilla. 

Athletes should not be concerned about calories either when using Whey Protein Isolate, because this supplement only contains a total of 113 calories. Therefore, it is quite easy to incorporate this supplement into your diet plan.

To ensure the effectiveness of Whey Protein Isolate for muscle gain, weight loss and increased sports performance, the supplement must be combined with plenty of exercise and healthy nutrition. If you are struggling with nutrition or exercise, there are places you can turn to, for example a personal trainer, nutritionist or a physician.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Whey Protein Concentrate is quite similar to Whey Protein Isolate where benefits are concerned. The supplement is aimed at fat loss, sports performance, muscle building and endurance, so there are plenty of benefits that can be obtained from this Nutrients Direct supplement.

In order to give our customers an effective supplement, Nutrients Direct incorporated the semi-permeable membrane technology into Whey Protein Concentrate. The presence of this technology ensures this supplement has a high bioavailability, enabling athletes to get the maximum quantity of nutrients from their Whey Protein Concentrate shake.

Whey Protein Concentrate is very suitable for athletes with a slower metabolism. Whey Protein is one of the faster absorbing proteins, giving you access to the nutrients you need during heavy workouts. In addition to that, it also has the ability to repair muscle after training and reduce the recovery time you need after such intensive training.

ND Total Whey (Protein Blend)

One of our supplements that has the largest number of benefits is without a doubt our ND Total Whey (Protein Blend). ND Total Whey is commonly used for weight loss, sports performance, muscle building, endurance and good general health; this means that the majority of athletes will be using ND Total Whey at one point or another.

ND Total Whey (Protein Blend) is a premium protein powder, which is especially created with so-called anti-catabolic properties. These anti-catabolic properties will limit the amount of muscle breakdown and improve recovery times after intensive training, enabling you to do more and get more results. 

To ensure the supplement was suitable for athletes wanting to lose weight, Nutrients Direct looked at the total amount of carbohydrates and fats in the formula as well. As a result, ND Total Whey is a supplement with only a minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats, but a high number of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids. 

ND Hydroxy Shred (Fat Burner)

When you are looking for the most effective fat burner in our range, ND Hydroxy Shred will be your perfect match. ND Hydroxy Shred contains powerful weight loss ingredients, which includes L- carnitine, green tea extracts, African mango extract, guarana, choline bitartrate, inositol and forskolin, which can all contribute to more effective weight loss.

The specific proteins used in ND Hydroxy Shred are suitable for athletes with any type of metabolism. Whether you have a slow or fast metabolism, our ND Hydroxy Shred has proteins with fast, intermediate and slow absorption properties, which will keep your muscles fuelled for as long as you need them to be.

ND Complete (Meal Replacement)

Many people live busy lifestyles. Even though this is not exactly a problem on most levels, it can make healthy eating habits a lot more difficult, because sometimes it is easier just to head to the nearest fast food restaurant. A busy lifestyle can therefore cause serious obstacles during your weight loss journey. However, a busy life does not necessarily mean you nutrition has to suffer, because there are fast ways to get the right nutrients with a minimal amount of preparation.

ND Complete is a perfect example of how athletes can get the right nutrients in minimal time. The supplement consists of the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids and can flawlessly replace a full meal. The supplement also contains a high grade colostrum, which will boost your immune system, but also promote gastrointestinal health.

A meal replacement should be delicious as well as nutritious, so Nutrients Direct offers this meal replacement in five amazing flavours. When choosing our ND Complete Meal Replacement, athletes can choose from flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, strawberry and banana.

The number of calories per serving is quite low as well, so athletes focussed on weight loss can incorporate ND Complete into their diet plan without much problems. Calories for each serving lay between 207 and 210 calories, depending on the flavour you choose. Even though each flavour has a different number of calories, this does not mean it will have an impact on your diet if you choose one of the flavours with a higher number of calories, considering the difference in calories between flavours is quite minimal.